The Thinking Vegan focuses on ethical veganism as a social justice movement, as opposed to a dietary plan, and covers issues related to the use of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, scientific “research,” labor and pets. We feature articles, reviews, ideas, interviews with thinkers and doers in the vegan/animal rights community, guest posts, and a thinking vegan’s take on newsworthy events. Regular features include The Thinking Vegan Consortium, where vegans engaged in different forms of activism answer the same question to show a diversity of perspectives, and The Thinking Vegan Pop Quiz, where we ask our Facebook community a question and post a selection of responses.

We also offer support for new vegans through our mentoring program (please see http://thethinkingvegan.com/vegan-mentoring).

There is no magical ladder that one climbs to become ethical. We all make real-world decisions and engage in behaviors that are either ethical or unethical. Veganism is the ethical choice. If you have made that choice, or the choice to move in that direction, we hope you will find support, encouragement, inspiration, and validation on this blog. You will not, however, get pats on the head for consuming “organic,” “free range,” “grass fed,” or “family farmed” animals. If you want to feel good about your choice to use animals, and need someone to validate that choice, you probably should find another site.

The Thinking Vegan was created in 2011 as a collaboration between three friends. Then one took over.

Who is The Thinking Vegan?

Gary Smith is co-owner of Evolotus PR, a public relations agency working for a better world. Evolotus specializes in animal rights nonprofits and campaigns, documentary films, books, vegan foods and products, and other socially beneficial companies.

Gary has written about vegan and animal rights issues for Elephant Journal, Jewish Journal, Mother Nature Network, and other publications. His wife Kezia Jauron is a frequent contributor to The Thinking Vegan, as well as co-owner of Evolotus PR. They live in Sherman Oaks, CA with Frederick and Josephine, two beagles rescued from animal testing, and a rescued African Grey parrot Gideon.


As PR professionals ourselves, The Thinking Vegan is PR-friendly. We welcome PR pitches from colleagues. We accept films, books, foods, and other products for review. (Products must be vegan.) Items we like may be offered to readers through contests or giveaways. Reviews are not guaranteed, because of limited time, nor are positive reviews guaranteed. We may opt not to post about a product if we don’t care for it.

Please contact us through the site (below) if you would like more information or if you are interested in submitting products.

In order to remain independent, this site does not generate any income, and we do not accept financial support in exchange for being featured in the blog.

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