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Being Vegan During a Global Pandemic

By on May 11, 2020

The novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19 has been a challenge, to say the least, for all of us. It has been a particular challenge for vegans.

Will Tuttle on Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice

By on May 6, 2014

Few living vegans are as influential and as compelling as Dr. Will Tuttle. His book The World Peace Diet has been called one of the most important books of the 21st century, and many vegans and activists credit Will with sparking their initial (or eventual) shift to veganism. Will and his wife, artist Madeleine Tuttle, travel the world giving lectures, workshops, and trainings based on The World Peace Diet, including veganism, spirituality, effective activism, and personal development. Will is a former Zen monk with a master's in humanities and a PhD in philosophy of education, and his work is embedded with these twin threads of spiritual consciousness and intellectual examination. Now, he is assembling the works of 28 other authors for Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice, due out this July from the innovative new company Vegan Publishers. The writers explore the connections between injustice to animals and other social and ecological injustices.

Blogtrolls and look out, Sri Lankans.

Blogtrolls and look out, Sri Lankans.

By on July 3, 2011

Lately the Thinking Vegan’s Facebook page ( has been infiltrated by people in the ag industry – cattle ranchers, dairy ranchers, etc. From the “plants have feelings too” crowd to “god wants us to eat animals” to “I’ll eat an

Judgmental Block

Judgmental Block

By on March 6, 2011

People feel “judged” by vegans because they are experiencing guilt or shame about their choices.