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By on March 2, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I did an interview with Nathan Runkle, executive director of Mercy For Animals, about the 12-minute video they produced called Farm to Fridge. Farm to Fridge exposes how animals are treated in factory farms, slaughterhouses and hatcheries and covers dairy, meat, eggs and even fish.

Starting next week, Mercy For Animals is taking Farm to Fridge on the road in a custom-built truck retrofitted with 80” TV screens, speakers and billboard-sized banners. They will be traveling nearly 12,000 miles to more than 40 cities with the film to educate millions of consumers across the country.

During the day, the truck will circle city centers, park for educational outreach events, and then in the evenings play Farm to Fridge while driving around high-traffic areas like malls, colleges, and the occasional fast food spot.

Follow the tour at this blog for regular updates, pictures and videos.

The Mercy For Animals truck will make stops in
Las Vegas, NV: March 7-8
Los Angeles, CA: March 10-11
San Diego, CA: March 13-14
Phoenix, AZ: March 16
El Paso, TX: March 18
Dallas, TX: March 20-21
Austin, TX: March 23
Houston, TX: March 24
New Orleans, LA: March 27
Tallahassee, FL: March 30
Tampa, FL: April 1
Fort Myers, FL: April 3-4
Miami, FL: April 6
Fort Lauderdale FL: April 7-8
Orlando, FL: April 9-11
Jacksonville, FL: April 13
Charleston, SC: April 15-16
Charlotte, NC: April 18
Raleigh, NC: April 20
Washington DC: April 22 (Earth Day)
Philadelphia, PA: April 24-25
New York, NY: April 27
Rochester, NY: April 29
Buffalo, NY: May 1-2
Erie, PA: May 4
Cleveland, OH: May 6
Columbus, OH: May 8-9
Cincinnati, OH: May 11
Indianapolis, IN: May 13
Chicago, IL: May 15-16
Madison, WI: May 18
Minneapolis, MN: May 20
Billings, MT: May 23
Spokane, WA: May 25
Seattle, WA: May 27-28
Portland, OR: May 30
Eugene, OR: June 1
San Francisco, CA: June 3
Sacramento, CA: June 5-6
Salt Lake City, UT: June 10-11

Click here for the complete tour schedule.

Volunteers are needed in each city, so if you can spare an hour of your week to help people who are helping animals, please contact tour coordinator Phil Letten here.

“Americans have the right to know where their food comes from, and there is growing concern over the cruel treatment of farmed animals,” said Nathan Runkle. “This tour aims to open the hearts and minds of consumers nationwide to the intensive confinement, abusive handling, painful mutilations, careless neglect, and merciless slaughter of the nearly 10 billion sentient animals per year destined to end up on our plates.”


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