Vegan Mentoring

Going Vegan…The Thinking Vegan Way

There is a seemingly infinite number of online resources that help people go vegan for health reasons, but very few that are designed for people who want to go vegan for animals. Until now.

There are thousands of websites offering vegan diet advice (some with questionable credibility), but very few that specifically address all the other lifestyle considerations new ethical vegans face. Until now.

The Thinking Vegan has been mentoring new vegans informally through our Facebook community for some time. Now, we’ve compiled the best links, books, inspiration, and information, all in one place, along with blog posts that we hope will be of special interest to new vegans.

Are you motivated to go vegan because of your ethics, but need support or help? Please look through the resources and FAQs below, and email us at with your questions.



Soon we will be adding many new features to our mentoring program, more resources, and even individual vegan sherpas who are trustworthy experts in their fields to answer specific questions.