Email from a Vivisector

By on July 30, 2011

Because of our work, we’ve had a number of opportunities to interact with animal exploiters. Recently we reached out to a vivisection lab on behalf of Beagle Freedom Project to see if they were able to release any dogs to us. The following is adapted from the reply email we received. It maintains the spirit of the original although some details have been changed.

To underscore the disregard that researchers have for their non-human “subjects,” we made a few more changes.

Plus, we were tired of picking on the Sri Lankans.

Thank you for your email concerning our hominid animal models.

Our institution maintains purpose-bred Jamaicans which are genetically structured such that they are susceptible to developing Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) when exposed to excess stomach acid. We have bred them to have exceptionally large esophagi, and as such they do not appear to even be aware that they are having an acid reflux attack.

These humans are content and extremely well cared for. They are utilized repeatedly for the purpose of developing new acid reflux drugs. 20 million Americans suffer from this debilitating and sometimes fatal disease. Our work here is vital to the eradication of GERD, so, needless to say these Jamaicans are extremely valuable and we do not euthanize them nor give them away unless there is some compelling reason.

We have found other institutions from time to time that have accepted some of these humans when they have become too old for study or are no longer of use for other reasons. Although sick or infirm Jamaicans may be unsuitable for your organization, and would not make appropriate household pets, we will add you to this list and will contact you when there is a need to find homes for such humans. Thank you for your concern and interest.

This purpose-bred Jamaican has an exceptionally large esophagus


  1. ms. vegina
    July 31, 2011

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    I like what you’ve done here! Clever, and a good way to highlight the objectification of life that vivisection is based on.

  2. Vegan_Diva
    August 1, 2011

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    This made me utterly sick yet sadly not surprised. These monsters are devoid of feelings and only see the profit. Sad, morally corrupt monsters.

    We had a vIvisectors convention here in San Diego and I was all prepped to go yet PETA told me I couldn’t go as I was way too pissed off as I hate them and there might have been trouble, which was valid. So I sent my assistant, at the time, in there and I was on the phone screaming the whole time. Telling her what to say as they were making fun of the protesters.

    No wonder I am on the FBI Terrorist list.. laughing!

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