Interview with Nikki Benoit of Vegan Outreach

By on September 1, 2011


Nikki moved to the LA area from Tampa Bay, Florida in June 2010 to leaflet for Vegan Outreach. Her first full-time AR job was Organizing for the local group in Tampa – Florida Voices for Animals. Living as your typical American her entire life, she “woke up” to animal oppression issues in 2000 by way of a silver back gorilla at Bush Gardens in Tampa. Eager to free wildlife from zoos, she earned her degree from the University of Florida in Wildlife Conservation in 2006. During that time she learned how destructive animal agriculture is on wild lands, and how wasteful / unethical the entire system is, so she went vegetarian in 2005 and vegan in 2006. Her focus has been farm animals ever since, as she feels ending their plight in concentration camps will create a ripple of compassion throughout our society as a whole.


Nikki  famously asked Obama that vegan question while he was on the campaign trail, and was recently arrested at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, Calif., for handing out pamphlets outside of a designated free speech zone. Civil rights experts do not consider it constitutional to restrict free speech to certain areas on campus.



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