The Thinking Vegan Pop Quiz: Non-vegan heroes

By on June 3, 2011

Who are your non-vegan heroes? Who do you think is incredibly cool (and would be ten times cooler if they were vegan)? My pick is Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!


Alexa Reed

Jon Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert. Rachel Maddow.


Shauna Sherick

Jane Goodall


Kevin Starbard

The Dalai Lama


Linda Leete

The late Rev. Martin Luther King JR.


Gregory J Santollo

I have no meat eating heros. to hell with them all.


Kait Leonard

Can’t give a damn for any of them.


Mike B Stout

My pick is Dave Matthews… he’s so close to going vegan, he just doesn’t know it!


Angela McArdle

Dave Mustaine from Megadeth.


Gordana Sokorac

Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Robert Fisk, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (to name just a few).


Shannon Kornelsen

Ricky Gervais. Tina Fey. Steve Carrell.


Sharron Woodward

All my heroes are already vegan that is why they are my heroes.


Samantha Ann Mitchell

Simone Simons, Tarja, Amy Lee, and Lisa Randall.


Shannon Gotto

Liv Tyler, I think she’s on-again off-again veggie


Elissa Sursara

Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry, David Attenborough. It’s interesting to note that Richard Dawkins agrees with the dissolution of animal products but the self-admittedly lacks the braveness to abstain from them. In a Q&A in 2007, he said, “What I am doing is going along with the fact that I live in a society where meat eating is accepted as the norm, and it requires a level of social courage which I haven’t yet produced to break out of that. It’s a little bit like the position which many people would have held a couple of hundred years ago over slavery. Where lots of people felt morally uneasy about slavery but went along with it because, I don’t know, the whole economy of the South depended upon slavery.”


Shane Michael G

I struggle constantly with a ton of people I respect and the question, If they are so smart/talented/nice/etc., why aren’t they vegan? Generally you can only broach the subject with them one at a time, though, and I find it best to do it respectfully and tactfully.


Kimberly Bakker



Julia Stein

Richard Dawkins


Sheila K. Buster

Jon Stewart


Gwendolyn Ⓥ Mathers

Bill Mckibben and I was going to say Amy Goodman as well. Not so much a hero, but I love Dylan Moran and wish he was vegan. Francis Moore-Lappe and her daughter.


Megan Duke

Al Gore. Barack Obama. Al Franken.


Debbie Rinehart

Tommy Lee


Jennifer Mennuti



Kezia Jauron

Julian Assange. Dr. Cornel West. Derrick Jensen. Jeremy Scahill. Van Jones. McKibben is a good answer, Gwen. That guy who draws The Oatmeal. April from Regretsy. Michael Moore.


Peter Keller

I would have to second Amy Goodman!


Armaiti May

Jane Goodall, and at least she is vegetarian and has the guts to speak out about factory farming. I heard her speak at USC a few years ago, and at UC Berkeley when I was a student there over 10 years ago.


Jennifer Mennuti

I’ll be seeing Bono on the 29th but it will be in a stadium so I might not be able to speak with him but I can hold up a sign.


Carol Bullock

I few names from the past come to mind: Mark Twain and Eleanor Roosevelt. Steve Irwin. I guess the others would be anyone who fights against injustice, whether it be against humans or other animals.


Betsy Carson

I Love Amy Goodman. I was thinking the same. But maybe she is?


Mariel Leiram

Julian Assange


Jamie Long

John Petrucci, guitarist for Dream Theater, George St. Pierre, UFC wleterweight champion.





  1. Seymour
    June 6, 2011

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    Leo DiCaprio (who calls himself an environmentalist), Paul McCartney (you would think), George Takei + Daniel Radcliffe (why fight only one form of discrimination?) and I wish beloved River Phoenix hadn’t been involved with PETA when he was alive (because that basically makes him a non vegan even if he didn’t want to exploit animals). They’re not really heroes obviously, they’re simply people whose non veganism disappoints you more than when it’s other people.

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